Do you pack a lunch for your children or do you have them buy school lunches? The nutritional value of school lunches varies from area to area. In many areas, lunches are too high in fat or calories. CNN recently reported that three out of four school lunch programs serve too much fat.  They stated that school lunch programs offer “foods [that] tend to be at the bottom of the barrel in terms of healthy nutrition.” Even those that are nutritionally balanced are not helpful if your children will not eat the foods presented. Consider packing a lunch if you are not confident in the nutritional standards of the program or your children’s willingness to eat what is served.

The Associated Press just released a story about the rising cost of school lunches.  We’ve never thought of bagging lunches as a money saving technique but apparently, in some school districts, it is.

In preparing this newsletter, we discovered a site supported by physicians that promotes healthy school lunches.  It’s called “Healthy School Lunches” and can be accessed by clicking here.

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