Quality mixes provide a quick, easy way to enjoy the best in baked goods while we’re on the road, at the cabin, or on the boat.

Mixes make vacation life easier:

• Everything is contained in one package.  There’s no missing ingredients, no grocery shopping, and no long preparation time.
• Mixes are proven.  You’re not experimenting with something that might–or might not–turn out well.
• Mixes are convenient. With the right mixes, you open, mix, and bake to have the best in breads, desserts, or cookies.
• Mixes are bug proof, rodent proof, and waterproof.
• Mixes are long lasting.  Leave them in the cabin all winter and they’ll still be good in the spring.

The next time that you climb into the RV, head for the family cabin in the woods, or load the boat, consider mixes such as these:

E-Z Bake Breads

These may be the world’s most convenient yeast breads.  There’s no kneading and the bread is ready in half the time that a bread machine takes.  Click here to see the selection.

Bread Machine Mixes

Bring your bread machine to the cabin or RV.  Without a lot of fuss, you can have fresh bread anytime.  If you’re feeling a little fancy, use your bread machine to make dinner rolls or pastries such as Philly Sticky Buns or Monkey Bread.  Click here for choices.

If you are not going to use all your bread right away, consider a bread with potato flour.  Potato flour is hygroscopic (it attracts moisture from the air) and therefore retards the staling of bread.  Click here to see your choice of breads with potato flour.

Breakfast Breads

We like bread for breakfast.  One of our first choices is always English muffin bread–we like that crisp crunch fresh from the toaster.  You can choose E-Z Bake mixes or mixes for your bread machine and English muffin bread with or without raisins and cinnamon.  Click here to see your choices in English muffin breads.

One of our favorite breads for toast is oat bread.  Since we are partial to oat bread, we have included both E-Z Bake and bread machine mixes with oats. Click here to see.

Icebox (or Refrigerator) Cookies

Icebox cookies fit every appetite and every schedule.  Mix them up ahead of time (maybe before you leave home) and place the dough in the refrigerator.  When you’re ready for a few cookies, cut slices from the rolled dough and place the slices on a baking sheet.  Return the remainder to the refrigerator for another day.  Icebox cookie dough should last several weeks in a cold refrigerator.  Click here to see our recommendations.

Drop and Bar Cookies

Everyone is comfortable with drop and bar cookies.  They are easy and trouble free to make.  Choose from Hermits in a Bar to Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Click here to find these and other great cookies.

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