Summertime is the time for backyard barbeques and mountain picnics. Nothing makes a hamburger or hoagie better than a homemade bun. This week, all our roll and bun mixes are on sale. Stock up for your summer outings by clicking here.

The slickest way to make buns that we know, is with our bread machine. We make buns from any bread machine mix by setting the machine on the dough setting. After the dough rises, we take it from the machine, divide it into eight pieces, form the rolls, and let them rise again. We bake them in the oven for 15 to 18 minutes or until golden brown. Often, we brush the tops with an egg white and sprinkle them with sesame or poppy seeds. Click here to see roll and bun mixes especially designed for your bread machine and now on sale.

For that next party, try The Ultimate Monkey Bread:

For that next party or family reunion, consider The Ultimate Monkey Bread. Read about it in the next article or click here. It’s on sale now.

Serve The Original Mississippi Mud Pie for a cool treat:

There is nothing like a decadent chocolate dessert to make a hit at a summertime party. In keeping with our pledge to bring you some new summertime treats, we introduce The Original Mississippi Mud Pie.

Remember Mississippi mud pies? They are gooey, rich chocolate delights usually smothered in whipped cream or served with ice cream.

Whoever heard of making a mud pie from a mix? This has a thick chocolate filling in a chocolate crust and is the easiest, most foolproof pie you will ever make. It is likely to become your favorite chocolate dessert. Click here to see how easy a mud pie can be—and save money.

Stock up on a cookie that everyone enjoys:

We all need a few cookies for summertime snacks, road trips, and outings. Snickerdoodles are an all-around favorite, a cookie that appeals to both kids and adults, travels well, and keeps well. So we put them on sale. Ours are made with butter, instead of shortening, and premium cinnamon.

Let the kids help make snickerdoodles. Snickerdoodles are made by forming the dough into little round balls and rolling them in the cinnamon mixture. Sounds like the perfect kid project and a great way to teach them about baking. Click here to catch your snickerdoodles.

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