It’s almost picnic and camping time across most of North America.   For that next trip into the woods or at the park, consider these treats—especially for the kids.


This is every kid’s favorite (including big kids).  Simply put a marshmallow on a stick, roast it, and while it’s still hot, slap it against a piece of chocolate bar and sandwich it between two graham crackers.

Banana Boats

Cut a banana lengthwise.  Stud it with miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Wrap it in aluminum foil and set it on some coals to melt the chocolate and marshmallows.  Eat it while it is still warm.

Cheesy Hot Dogs

Split the hot dogs lengthwise and roast on the grill.  Turn them over, cover the split side with cheddar cheese, and grill skin side down.

Would you like to make your own hamburger buns and hotdog buns?  We’ll show you how, click here.

Minute Pizzas

Split English muffins.  Spread pizza sauce on them. Sprinkle them with mozzarella cheese, and place pepperoni slices on top.  Place them on the grill to cook.  Cover them with a can or pan to catch the heat and direct it onto the tops of the pizzas.  You can also bake these in a Dutch oven.
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