Better berries make better baked goods and these are truly better.  They are cold processed and most of the juice and pectin is left in the berry.  Because they have more juice and pectin, less sweetener is added.   These berries are plumper, a brighter red, and with more fruit flavor.  Click here to learn more about these super cranberries.

We love these cranberries in baked goods–muffins, cookies, and pies.  We would like you to try our Cranberry Nut Bread either in machine mixes or traditional loaves. We think you will enjoy them as much as we do.  Click here for the traditional mixes and click here to see the bread machine mixes.  Don’t miss this terrific bread.

If you like cranberry syrup as much as we do, consider using these berries to make EZ Cranberry Syrup.  The recipe is free and the syrup is great on pancakes, ice cream, or roast turkey.  Or use your cranberries to make Sugar Crusted Cranberry Scones.


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