Many of you are awash with the silver Mylar bags that we package our mixes in.   Don’t throw them away; they can be reused.  They make great freezer bags.  Since they are 400 times more effective than plastic as an oxygen barrier, they will protect food better against freezer burn. 

We love to use these bags to package camping food.  Perishables can be sealed in Mylar, frozen, and then placed in the cooler when you are ready to leave.  With a proper seal, you’ll never have to worry about leaky contents soiling your other food or water from melted ice reaching your precious packaged food. 

Mylar bags are practically indestructible.  Mice will never get into them.

How do you seal Mylar bags?  Since Mylar bags are composed mostly of nylon, the material melts.  Many household bag sealers will seal Mylar bags as well as plastics.  They are also simple to seal with a hot iron on your ironing board.

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