Six Principles of Perfect Cookies

  1. Use the Perfect Mix or Recipe. Baking is a science.  Start out with a recipe that is perfectly designed. A professional kitchen lab understands ratios and amounts.  Start there.
  2. Use the best ingredients.  That’s especially important with chocolate, cocoa, and cinnamon.
  3. Measure right. Measuring cups can easily be 30% off.  They don’t have to be expensive. Test them on a scale.  (A cup of water weighs eight ounces.)
  4. Bake them at the right temperature. Ovens cycle.  The temperature might be 375 degrees one time and 325 the next.  Solve that problem with an oven thermometer.
  5. Bake them for the right time. Use a timer with a second hand.  15 seconds makes a real difference between dry cookies and moist.
  6. Get them off the hot pan immediately. Use parchment paper. Then slide them all off at once.  Parchment paper also solves the issue of too much grease on the pan.

What you’ll need

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