We once said, “Everyone has a bread machine. It’s somewhere in the garage.”

Maybe it’s time to go find that bread machine and dust it off. We’ll give you seven reasons

  1. Homemade bread is better.
  2. Make more bread and save time and save money too. If you spend ten minutes a day, you can have fresh homemade bread every day.
  3. Time your bread for meal time. Warm, fresh bread is better.
  4. The selection is much better. If you use recipes, you can have whatever you want. If you want the convenience of mixes, choose from over 60 different kinds.
  5. Have a little on hand for a rainy day. Bread mixes store well.  You don’t have to depend on the grocery store for fresh bread.

6. It’s inexpensive. Usually, you can find mixes for under $4.00.

7. Use your bread machine for dinner rolls and sweet rolls. Set your machine to the dough cycle, form the rolls or add sugar and cinnamon, and bake them in the oven.

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