Take a hike in the woods, fish a mountain brook, and more.

Since church is mostly shut down, on Sunday afternoons, Merri Ann and I pack a lunch, grab a lesson manual, and go find a quiet place in the woods for a picnic, time together, and a discussion.

This was as quiet a place as you could find, tucked under the Continental Divide. It was an hour on paved roads and 45 minutes on rough dirt roads. That’s a long way for a prayer and discussion, but oh, was it worth it!

A Nature Hike in a Quiet Canyon

Then last Wednesday, we left work early and went up to hike it. It was magnificent, fabulous! The weather was perfect and the canyon gorgeous, bathed in fall colors.

And we were alone. There were some old horse prints but no sign of hikers. People just don’t get up there.

High in the canyon, we found a little meadow with a tiny “jump across” stream. Surprisingly, it was full of cutthroat trout, 8 to 12-inches. We walked along the bank, scurrying the trout when we got too close, and wishing we had brought a fly rod. Then we left the meadow and continued hiking until the late afternoon shadows told us that we needed to return.

Packing a Picnic

Merri Ann beat me down the canyon and our picnic lunch was ready when I got there. Next time, we’ll bring a fly rod, but that will probably be next year. There are too many other places to go and things to do.

It’s easy to pack a picnic for a nature hike. Just be sure to pick foods packed with energy to help you up and down the mountain as well as foods that will last all the way up the mountain.

Make these protein-packed ANZAC biscuits just like the soldiers used to make them.

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