Over the years, we’ve found ways to make our baked goods taste better. We wanted to share our list with you, so you can make your family and friends fall in love with your baking every time.

1. Add More Flavor

So why do we add vanilla to our cookies and cakes when you can’t taste it? Because it makes everything else taste better. And it would probably taste even better if you added twice as much.

But vanilla is expensive. Try something else–French vanilla or maybe one of the synthetic vanillas (I know–that’s heresy.)

We use brown sugar flavor or caramel flavor. Unless you really want the vanilla to shine through in that delicate cookie, this will work better and for less money.

Check out our selection of flavors here.

2. Change Your Cinnamon

In America, we know Korintje cassia, but most of it isn’t very good. Upgrade it to a premium grade with 2% or 3% volatile oil. It will make a difference.

Better yet, use Vietnamese cinnamon. You’ll enter a whole new world of cinnamon.

Check out our Vietnamese cinnamon here.

3. Use the Best Chocolate You Can Buy

The difference between store cocoa is very different. Good cocoa has at least 16% cocoa butter. It’s like adding chocolate, not ground beans to your baking. Read the reviews.

4. Add Cinnamon Chips

Cinnamon chip banana bread to show the cinnamon bursts and extra banana flavor.

You’ll get a burst of cinnamon in every bite with cinnamon chips. Concentrated drops of cinnamon in a recipe is way different than ground cinnamon dispersed throughout the cookie.

Check out our cinnamon chips here.

5. Add More Salt

If it’s sweet, try adding more salt. The contrast between the salt and the sweet makes the flavor jump out. No wonder salted caramel is such a star.

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