How to Make French Toast Sticks

Life is too short not to enjoy the simple things in life.

These are French toast sandwiches cut into sticks and cooked on the griddle.  That’s that we’re dipping the sticks in. We love the for serving.  Leftover sticks—if any—can be frozen.

This looks like kids’ fare but there is no reason that adults can’t have fun too.

  • Fun to make and fun to eat! There’s nothing better than a breakfast you can eat with your fingers and dip it into syrup like a French fry. It’s like regular French toast but in sticks.
  • So Easy! All you have to do is make a sandwich, cut it into sticks, dip it into an egg wash, cook them on a griddle, and enjoy.
  • So tasty! The kids love them, and so should you. Stuff them with your favorite fillings and dip them in your favorite syrup. You’ll have a new favorite breakfast in no time.

How to Make French Toast Sticks

Make a Sandwich

Choose your favorite bread mix and make it according to the instructions on the back of the mix. We like to use our buttermilk white bread.

Choose your favorite fillings to spread in betweeen slices. It can be as simple as PB&J or stuff them with a dessert filling.

Cut It and Dip

Cut the sandwich into sticks and dip it into an egg wash, just like you would with other French toast.

Cook The Sticks

Cook your prepared French toast sticks on a griddle, being sure to evenly cook all four sides. They’re done when all sides are golden brown.

Pour the syrup into a small dish or ramekin, and dip your tasty French toast sticks like French fries. 


Try Apple Pie French Toast Sticks

These French toast sticks are stuffed like a pie with an apple pastry filling.

Click here to try the apple pie French toast sticks recipe.

Make the Best Syrup on the Planet

Learn how to make your own buttermilk syrup. It will change your French toast and pancakes forever.

Click here to learn how.

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