“Eight of these ramekins – that’s the new muffin pan!”

Sticky toffee pudding is a British dessert.  It’s a dense, fruited cake with a caramel toffee sauce.  There is a reason why it is purportedly the most popular dessert in the world. It’s that good. Forget confining your desserts to bland muffin pans or baking pans. Now you can make it into colorful individual desserts in cute, little ramekins. Any leftover batter can be used in a baking pan,

Get the sticky toffee pudding mix.

Get enough ramekins for your guests.

Making the Sticky Toffee Pudding

Follow the directions for the sticky toffee pudding cake as set forth in the package, baking the cakes in ramekins.

A sauce mix comes in the package. Use the sauce mix three steps:

  1. Use a pastry bag and inject part of the sauce into the desserts–like filling a cupcake.
  2. As you pull the tip from each dessert, drizzle a little sauce around the dessert.
  3. Use the remaining sauce to flavor your buttercream frosting.

As an alternative, you can make whipped cream frosting. If you add much sauce to your whipped cream, increase themeringue powder to stabilize the frosting and stop any melting.

See how to make whipped cream frosting.

(Updated from May 13, 2017)

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