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Going Bananas for Elvis Presley Sandwiches

And Taking Them to the Next Level with Banana Bread

I remember Elvis Presley, barely. I think of him as a big, brawling-type of guy, singing the blues as the girls go crazy. It’s easy to picture him eating peanut butter, bacon, banana sandwiches, too, and having it named after him. You think it’s crazy, but the flavors work together marvelously. I tried a sandwich the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not to say that Elvis dodn’t have an already fantastic sandwich, but we decided to take the Elvis Presley sandwiches to the next level with lots of variations.

Banana bread makes everything better–including the Elvis Sandwich!

  • Not your ordinary Elvis Presley sandwich! Who needs white bread for a sandwich when you can use scrumptious banana bread? Banana bread makes everything better. Add more of that banana flavor than you could have ever dreamed of. If you use our cinnamon chip banana bread, the burst of cinnamon in every bite will even give the bacon a spark of extra flavor.
  • Tastes better than you’d think! Don’t let the combination of the bacon, banana, and peanut butter throw you off. It really works. The savory crunch of the bacon, the creaminess of the peanut butter, and the sweetness of the banana create a delightfully balanced blend of sweet and salty and soft and crunchy.
  • So many options! Don’t stop at the simple peanut butter and banana sandwich. You can fill the banana bread sandwich with your favorite jams, jellies, and even whipped topping. The possibilities are endless!
  • Absolutely delicious! If you love banana bread and you enjoy sandwiches, you’re sure to love our version of the Elvis Presley sandwich. Using banana bread makes for a scrumptious sandwich, snack, or even dessert–depending on what you fill it with.

Variations on the Elvis Presley Sandwich

The original Elvis sandwich featuring peanut butter, bananas, and bacon between two slices of bread.

The Original Elvis Presley Sandwich

The original Elvis Presley sandwich consisted of peanut butter, bananas, and bacon on white bread. It was quite the revolutionary idea. We believe the bacon is optional to this day.

We think Elvis Presley was on the right path when he put peanut butter and bananas on a white bread sandwich, but we decided to take it just a step further: a banana bread sandwich.

You get all of the original flavors that Elvis loved with an extra punch of banana flavor from the banana bread. It’s just what the sandwich needed to tie the flavors together.

PB&J Banana Bread Sandwich

One of our most basic but most delicious banana bread sandwiches is a peanut butter and jelly banana bread sandwich. We use our favorite cinnamon chip banana bread for the slices with cherry jelly and peanut butter in the middle. The result is scrumptious.

After you try this variation of a typical PB&J sandwich, you’ll never want to go back.

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Got Bananas?

Your fun with bananas doesn’t have to end here. All you need to do is tell us where to send more yummy ways to use your bananas, and you’ll get a free mix too!

Keep reading below for how to make Elvis Presley sandwiches with banana bread.

Banana Bread Sandwich with Strawberry Cream

This is another famous banana bread sandwich here at the Prepared Pantry. Once again, we went with our cinnamon chip banana bread for the base with strawberry jam and whipped cream in the middle. It was a bit sweet for a lunch, but it made a delicious snack.

You can also make this sandwich with any of your favorite jams mixed with whipped cream.

Choose your favorite jam here.

Banana Bread Sandwich with Apricot Jam and Cream Cheese

When we served this banana bread sandwich with apricot jam and cream cheese, the customers went absolutely crazy over it. We think you’ll like it too. Layer the cream cheese and apricot jam between two slices of banana bread, and you’ll have an exquisite sandwich.

You can also make this cream cheese banana bread sandwich with any other of your favorite jams or honey. If you haven’t tried our fruit flavored honey, don’t wait. It will change the way you view your flavor pallets.

Choose your favorite honey here.

Open-Faced Banana Bread Sandwiches

Open-faced banana bread sandwiches are very similar to toast, but with extra toppings. You can use whichever jam, honey, or sandwich spread you prefer and top it with sliced fruit or berries.

Our favorite topping for our open-faced banana bread sandwiches is cream cheese and sliced strawberries with a drizzle of honey on top. It’s absolutely delicious.

Elvis Presley Sandwich with Zucchini Bread

Zucchini bread also makes a great base for the classic Elvis Presley sandwich, and you can do similar variations to the banana bread sandwiches. For this zucchini bread sandwich, we used peanut butter and our cherry jelly. It was fantastic.

Zucchini Bread

Elvis Presley Sandwiches with Strawberries

Everyone loves strawberries just as much as bananas, so we decided to replicate the Elvis sandwich with strawberry slices and peanut butter instead of bananas. We used a luscious lemon bread, topped it with extra strawberry slices and a drizzle of strawberry honey, and it worked beautifully.

We served it to some of the staff, and they were surprised how much they loved it.

The original Elvis sandwich featuring peanut butter, bananas, and bacon between two slices of bread.

How to Make Banana Bread Sandwiches

Make the Banana Bread

For this, you can use your our cinnamon chip banana bread mix or your favorite banana bread recipe. Prepare the banana bread according to the instructions and then cut it into slices to make the sandwiches.

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Or choose another bread mix for your sandwiches here.

Slice the Bananas

The original Elvis Presley sandwich includes banana slices, but as you can see from our variations above, you can use your favorite fruit or none at all.

Layer on the Goodies

Take your sliced banana bread, layer on your favorite sandwich spread (peanut butter, cream cheese, honey, whipped cream, etc.), put the fruit on top, and finish the sandwich off with the second slice of banana bread. Enjoy!

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