How to Make Bakery-Style Muffins


My muffins never come out right. They’re sad, deflated lumps by the time they come out of the oven. It’s really disappointing. I don’t understand what’s happening.”


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We feel your pain. There’s nothing more disappointing than a muffin that didn’t rise. That’s why we’re giving you the secrets to making muffins look like they’re fresh from the bakery and better. The number one secret: a high dome. It’s really easy to make nice, high-domed muffins. High-domed muffins are a badge of success in the baking world.  Follow these guidelines and your muffins will be the envy of the neighborhood

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High-Domed Muffins

1. Fill your muffin pans. Time and again, we see recipes that direct you to fill your muffin pans 2/3’s full. That’s not enough batter for high-domed muffins. Fill your muffin tins nearly full. Your favorite recipe that calls for 12 muffins may only make nine or ten high-domed muffins. That’s okay.  Fill any empty tins half full of water; the water will keep the oil in the tin from burning.

2. Make sure that your batter is thick. Since your cups in your muffin pan are full of batter, a thin batter will flow all over your oven before setting. Your batter should be thick and “spoonable” not pourable.   We have a large quick-release scoop that we have found just right; a heaping spoonful fills the muffin pan.

3. Get your oven hot enough. Set your oven temperature to 425 degrees. Yes, we know, most recipes list a temperature of 350 or 375 degrees Fahrenheit. You need a high temperature to create a burst of steam which will lift the top of the muffin and quickly set the starches and proteins in the muffin. After six or eight minutes, set the temperature back to the lower setting. If you leave it on the high temperature, the muffins will bake too rapidly and will likely be crusty.  Of course, you will need to reduce your baking time from that listed in your recipe.  We have found 12 to 15 minutes is about right but it will depend on how well your oven holds heat.

The Secrets of the dome

The Secret No One Else Will Admit To

It may be an unpopular opinion or it may just be that no one else is willing to admit to it, but I’ll let you in on a secret: the muffin liners are no good for your muffins. Not only do they stunt the rising of your muffins in the oven, but they tear off half of the muffin in the process of unwrapping it.

Sure, a muffin liner makes it easy to remove muffins from the pan, but there are better ways to do that.

How to Remove Muffins from the Pan

Removing muffins from the pan should not always mean tearing away half the muffin. It certainly doesn’t have to.

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Preparing For Easy Muffin Removal

Use a Quality Muffin Pan. Old pans like to cling to the muffins and don’t allow for easy removal. We like to use this non-stick muffin pan. A good-quality muffin pan like this one allows the muffin to slide out of the pan without catching and clinging onto the muffin during the removal process.

Grease the Surfaces of the Pan. Don’t be afraid to grease the muffin pan well. Don’t miss a single spot. Be sure to grease even the flat edges around the muffin cavity where the cap of the muffin might cling. The last thing you want is to tear off the muffin top as well. We like to use cooking spray to get into all of the nooks and crannies.

Removing the Muffins

  1. Let the Muffins Cool in the Pans for Only Two to Three Minutes. Leaving the muffins in the pan any longer than three minutes will allow for the melted sugar to set like concrete, and you’ll never get your muffins out of the pan without a fight.
  2. Use a Thin Silicone Spatula. This spatula will become the handiest tool in the kitchen. Run the spatula along the edges of the muffin and underneath to pop the muffins right out of the pan. It’s so much easier than trying to pry the muffins out of muffin or cupcake liners.

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