These are simple and so much fun!

Use a cookie mix or your favorite recipe.  Just choose a drop cookie with a flat profile. 

Make the cookie dough according to directions.  Scoop dough onto the cookie sheet and insert sticks into each of the cookies.  With the cookies that we’ve used, we have not had to flatten the cookies to keep the sticks in place.

Bake the cookies. Remove the cookies to wire racks to cool completely.

Make the frosting according to directions.  You may need to thin the frosting just a little to get a smooth layer of frosting on your cookies.  Don’t add too much water.

If you are using your own recipe, you may want to add a tablespoon or two of meringue powder.  The meringue powder will give you a firm surface for painting and cookies that won’t easily mar when stacking.  If you are using our frosted cookie mixes, the meringue is already added.

Let the frosting dry completely and paint on faces or designs with food colors and water color gels. America Food Color Gels come in 44 colors.

In little cups, add two or three drops of water and then add two or three drops of color.  The color is very contorted so a you won’t need much paint.

This is a great family project.  Even Dad will have a good time.

Reportedly, the colors will wash out of clothes.

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