Use fondant to make beautiful cupcakes in a hurry.  There is no frosting.  Just roll out the fondant, cut the fondant into shapes, and lay the fondant on the cupcakes.

You can buy colored fondant but you can get exactly the colors you want with food color gels—and you can choose from 41 colors.

Use a cookie or biscuit cutter to cut shapes large enough to cover your cupcakes.  Use different colors and cut smaller shapes and strips for decorating.

Find Your Favorite Colors Here

Tips for success:

  1. Tint the fondant the desired color by kneading food color gels or food color paste into the fondant.  Be sure and where gloves to keep your hands free of color.
  2. Roll the fondant to 1/8-inch thick.
  3. Use a cutter to cut the fondant into the desired shape and sizes.  A scalloped cutter or a cutter with a serrated edge makes interesting toppings.
  4. With your finger, brush a very little water on the back of a cut fondant piece and lay it on the cupcake.
  5. Brush a very little water on the first layer of fondant to hold candies, sparkles, or decorations on the cupcake.
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