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Baking: An Art and a Science

I believe baking to be an art. There’s a certain creativity and flow to it as you bake a true masterpiece of a recipe. But you can’t make the art without understanding the science of baking: how yeast and other leaveners work, what specific ingredients do in a recipe, and especially the methods.

You learn all of that and more in this free ebook. It’s only one click away.

Included in How to Bake: The Art and Science of Baking

  • Eight chapters
  • Over 225 pages
  • Proven recipes to illustrate principles and methods
  • All recipes are professionally tested in a commercial test kitchen
  • Available in PDF

Click the links below to download each chapter or download the full book:

How to Bake: The Art and Science of Baking

Chapter 1: Flour—the Basic Ingredient and How to Use it for the Best Baked Goods

Chapter 2: Eggs are wonderful!

Chapter 3: Yeast–How it Works and How to Use it

Chapter 4: Leaveners–What They Are and How They Work

Chapter 5: Dairy Products and How They Work in Your Baking

Chapter 6: The Fats We Use in Baking and the Role They Play

Chapter 7: Sweeteners in Your Baking

Chapter 8: Chocolate In Your Baking

See What Everyone’s Saying

Something for Everyone to Learn

I thought the lessons were wonderful for a beginner or expert. Lots of hints and recipes.”

I liked the information that I didn’t know, even after years of being a baker! I enjoyed the recipes, too!”

Easy to Understand Explanations

Everything was super fantastic!!! As a 4-H project leader in foods and nutrition, I found this course to be absolutely the best. There is so much useful information in it that explains the why’s and the how’s of baking!”

I liked the chemical interactions of ingredients. It was something I didn’t know much about, and it was handled using layman’s terms that made it easy to understand.”

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