We love pancakes!  And they never have to get boring.  Here are twelve ways to make everyday pancakes extraordinary.

1. Buy a Gourmet Pancake Mix

We sell over 30 different kinds of pancake mixes. Try the Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes, our best seller. Choose from other pancake mixes with raspberry, blueberry, or strawberry chips.

My favorites? I think we have the best whole grain pancakes. The Brown Sugar Cinnamon Chip Pancakes are outstanding. The Blueberry Lemon Pancakes are incredible. I really like the Raisin Oatmeal Pancakes—like a cookie with raisins and walnuts morphed into a pancake.

2. Top Your Pancakes with a Gourmet Syrup

We sell over twenty pancakes syrups or pancake syrup mixes—mostly fruit and berry syrups but also cream syrups and buttermilk syrups.

The pancake syrup mixes are very popular. I’m in love with buttermilk syrup, butter rum, and marshmallow. (The marshmallow is not just for kids; it’s a great grownup syrup. It was intended to go with S’mores Pancakes but it works well on anything—including desserts.)

3. Put fruit in them.

Of course, you can add blueberries—just don’t stir them too much or your batter will turn blue. Or mash a couple bananas and mix them into the batter. Grate some apples and add those.  Chopped peaches or whole raspberries work. Just adjust the liquid in the instructions as needed.

4. Put fruit on them.

It’s even better to put fruit on them. Sliced peaches or strawberries are prefect. So are a handful of berries. Any soft fruit will work.

5. Top them with whipped cream.

Whipped cream and fruit on pancakes is delightful but just whipped cream and syrup is great too. But make it flavored whipped cream. Caramel whipped cream is my favorite.

6. Add Bavarian cream.

It’s common to use Bavarian cream with crepes; why not with pancakes? Just spread this luscious cream filling between the pancakes before drizzling the syrup.

7. Add nuts.

Merri Ann, my wife, routinely adds chopped pecans to her pancakes. She pours the batter on the griddle and then sprinkles nuts over the batter. When she turns the pancakes, the nuts get toasted. Easy.

8. Make stuffed pancakes.

My daughter, Debbie, does this regularly. She traps pastry filling in folded pancakes. Think empanadas on the griddle. See how to make stuffed pancakes.

See our choice of fillings for stuffed pancakes.

9. Make maple bacon pancakes.

Top your pancakes with crisp bacon and shredded cheddar. Pour hot maple syrup over the stack so that the cheddar melts. Maple syrup and bacon is a terrific combination.

10. Add cinnamon chips to your pancakes

Cinnamon chips make most pancakes better. If you want them extra-cinnamony, add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon too.

Cinnamon chips

11. Add baking chips to your pancakes.

The pancake houses sell pancakes with chocolate chips added. You can do the same. Mini chips, so that you get chocolate in every bite, work better than full-sized chips. We sell a chocolate chip pancake mix.

You can also use raspberry, blueberry, or strawberry baking chips.  Raspberry is my favorite. The chips melt for a splash of color and flavor and make terrific pancakes.

12. Add Flavors and Spices

Add cinnamon and ginger to make gingerbread pancakes.  Add vanilla or banana flavor or caramel flavor to you pancakes. It’s good with or without fruit.

See our selection of baking chips including raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry

The Prepared Pantry offers 23 kinds of pancake mixes and 26 kinds of pancake syrups.

See this pancake mix selection

See this pancake syrup section

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