[spacer height=”20px”]Do you have company coming this weekend? Still trying to figure out what to serve for breakfast?  I love showing off a good breakfast.  Here are my top considerations.

Breakfast Scramble

I make scrambled eggs a lot.  They’re quick and easy.  Bacon and some good hashbrowns will make it special.  I always add cheese and sometimes a Mexican spice blend.  I’ll usually sauté an onion and peppers.

Here’s how to make good, crispy hashbrowns.

Omelets for a Crowd

If it looks like Saturday is going to be an extended, lounge-around-the house morning, I may opt for an omelet bar.  To make individual omelets, cook the fillings beforehand and load them on platters.  As you make the omelets, ask each recipient what they would like in their omelet.

An eight-inch pan is perfect for individual omelets.  You should complete an omelet every five minutes which works for a lazy affair.  If we need more production, we’ll use two pans.

See below for instructions for making easy five-minute omelets.

Stuffed French Toast

If your guests are not familiar with stuffed French, blow them away.  They will be stunned with what you can do.

It’s like regular French toast but Instead of dredging a single slice in an egg wash, make a sweet sandwich and dredge the sandwich in the wash before slapping it on the griddle.  Turn the heat down a bit so that the heat has time to soak through two slices.

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A popular recipe is Banana Pie Stuffed French Toast with Bananas and Bavarian cream.

One of our favorite stuffed French toast affairs is pecan-crusted cherry or raspberry French toast.  Use cherry or raspberry pastry filling (or jam), dredge the sandwich in the egg wash, and into a platter of finely chopped pecan pieces.  Your sandwich will be coated with the pecans and on the hot griddle, they’ll be toasted.

Here’s how to make stuffed French toast.

Overnight Baked French Toast

For extra special occasions we like to serve an Overnight Baked French Toast.  I’ll put it together Friday afternoon and leave it in refrigerator until Sunday morning then stick it in the oven and serve.  There’s no prep time on Christmas morning and everyone will love it.

How to Make Baked French toast.

How to Make Cinnamon Vanilla Baked French Toast

How to Make a 5-Minute Omelet

  1. Choose the right size of pan.  A three-egg omelet requires an eight-inch pan.  The pan should be nonstick.
  2. Whisk the eggs together in a bowl.
  3. Put a pat of butter in your nonstick pan.  Place it on medium-high heat.  On our stovetop, a high BTU gas burner, that’s 6 out of ten.  Heat the butter to just short of brown and swirl it around the pan.
  4. Pour the eggs into the hot pan.  Salt and pepper the eggs.
  5. Scramble the eggs with a soft silicone spatula scraping the bottom and sides of the pan.  The eggs will cook quickly and curds will form.
  6. When the eggs approach the consistency of cottage cheese with mostly solids but some liquid egg, stop stirring.  Use the spatula as a paddle to pat the eggs down into an even layer.  Let the eggs continue cooking until the liquids are set and the top of the omelet is cooked.
  7. Place the fillings in a row across the omelet just off to one side.  For most fillings, you will want them pre-cooked.
  8. The omelet should slip around in the pan without a hint of sticking.  Move the pan to a plate, tip the pan on angle over the plate, and gently shake the omelet onto the plate filling side first.
  9. When the omelet is about half onto the plate, twist the pan with your wrist folding the remaining omelet over that on the plate.  The omelet should be folded over with the bottom edge protruding about one-half inch.

Your omelet should be golden brown and puffy with the interior set and any cheese melted.  A three-egg omelet should cook in five minutes or less.  For larger omelets, use larger pans.

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