There are lots of recipes online for various potato casseroles.  The most famous of the potato casseroles may be a Shepherd’s Pie.  It’s a great way to use those leftover potatoes.

Here’s how to make a Shepherd’s Pie:

  1. Sauté ground meat and onions in a heavy, oven-proof skillet.  Season to taste.
  2. Add a can of stewed tomatoes, leftover gravy, or make a new gravy in the pan.
  3. Add some veggies.  Green beans or corn are typical.
  4. Cover with mashed potatoes.  Top with grated cheese and a sprinkle of paprika.

Bake at 350 degrees until heated through and the cheese is melted.  Times will vary with the pan and size of casserole.

Add a salad and maybe a side dish and you have a meal.  I especially like this made with leftover gravy but it’s okay with tomatoes too.

This makes a great after holiday or a Monday after-Sunday-dinner meal!

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