Everyone loves brownies. But often they look like they were cut with a chainsaw.  Not anymore. This will tell you how to get them out of the and cut them into nice, neat, equal-sized bars.

They’ll think you stopped at bakery.

Choose your brownies and make them so that they cut neat and square. Our New York Dessert Brownies were designed for that. If you want a gooey brownie, choose Uncle Bob’s Extra Moist Brownies but freeze them for an hour to make them firm before cutting.


Line your pan with parchment paper. Spread shortening in the pan to hold the paper in place. Don’t worry; the fat will be outside the paper, not on your brownies.


After removing the pan from the oven, grab the edges of the paper and lift the cake from the pan.


Using two cooling racks, invert the cake and peel off the paper. Sandwich the cake between two racks and turn the cake over. Re-invert the cake and let cool.


With a serrated knife, trim the edges from the cake.


Use a ruler to mark the cuts.


Cut the brownies with a wet blade. Keep a clean damp cloth handy and wipe the blade often.

Use a large pizza wheel

I watched a video of brownies being cut in a large bakery. Sheets of brownies were being fed through this rack with spinning wheels that looked like pizza wheels.

Later we grabbed a pizza wheel—actually we bought an over-sized pizza wheel for the job—and went to work. It worked well. You have to keep the wheel clean and we left it just a little damp.

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4 Wheel Adjustable Pastry Cutter

Then we found this adjustable tool designed for cutting cakes and brownies. It works on the same principle as what we saw in the video. You can set the blades for equal distances. It beats having to measure and mark your brownies. You have to keep the blades clean with this tool also.

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Cutting Brownies into Pie-Shapes

We often bake our brownies in a glass-based silicone springform pan. Simply peel the outer ring off like a candy wrapper and cut the cake right on the unbreakable glass base. It’s an easy way to make beautiful dessert slices. The
pan works well for recipes or mixes calling for a9 x 9-inch pan.
We use this pan for cakes, desserts, and even casseroles.

There you have it. Now you can cut cakes and brownies into nice, neat pieces for your friends and family.

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