These are really simple to make. It’s simply a brownie baked in a pizza pan and then frosted and decorated with drizzles.


1. Bake the pizza. We used Uncle Bob’s Extra Moist and Chewy Brownie Mix. It makes a 9 x 9-inch pan of brownies. With these, we made 14–inch round pizzas. Because the batter is spread thinner than in a nine-inch pan, they baked in only 15 minutes. You can also use this mix and bake a 12-inch pizza or two 9-inch pizzas using two 9-inch cake pans. The batter is little deeper and it takes another couple minutes to bake. I like the thicker brownies. I like the ratio of more brownie to less frosting but in our test kitchen, I was a minority of one. Everyone else liked the thinner, crispier brownie. We compromised by spreading the frosting thinly.

2. Frost the Pizza. We used our cream cheese frosting mix. You can use any frosting that you wish. The white frosting against the dark brownie crust is attractive. Go easy on the frosting—too much frosting makes it too sweet.

3. Decorate with Drizzles. We used Designer Dessert Sauces. On some of them, we squeezed thin ribbons of raspberry pastry filling. Ice cream toppings would work fine. Of course, you can decorate it any way you choose. The sprinkles are toasted coconut pieces.

This is quick, easy party fare—much faster than baking and decorating a cake. I think my grandkids would rather have this than a traditional birthday cake.
It makes up well ahead of time and holds for several days.
It works as well in the backyard as it does in the family room. It’s easy enough that the teenagers can make it and pretty enough that you look like an artist.


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