On Sundays, we invite our children and their families over for dinner.  Last Sunday, Merri Ann and I made pulled pork sandwiches.  They were very good and very easy.  Here’s how she did it.  She bought five pounds of carnitas which is boneless and inexpensive but any pork roast will do.  Five pounds was more than enough and Ben and Paige, our youngest son and his bride, took extras home. She put the meat in the crock-pot before church and added enough root beer soda pop to make sure it was well covered.  (Don’t worry about adding too much.)  She let it simmer through church and late into the afternoon.

When it was nearly time to eat, I poured the meat and pop into a colander in the sink letting the pop run down the drain.  I put the meat in a large bowl and pulled the meat apart into shreds with two forks.  I discarded any fat pieces that I found.  With that much meat and few breaks for snitches, it probably took ten minutes. The meat was tender and just a little sweet from the pop.

After it was shredded, I added two bottles of barbecue sauce and stirred it in. The meat had now cooled and just before we were to eat, I put it in the microwave reheated it so that it was hot. Ordinarily we would make our own sandwich rolls but this Sunday, we didn’t have time. OurSour Cream Potato Roll Mixis prefect. About 2 3/4 ounces of dough for each roll will make large rolls, about eight per package. Ben and Merri Ann embellished their sandwiches with a layer of grated cheese on the meat. If the meat is hot enough, it will melt over the meat.

Merri Ann served the sandwiches with coleslaw, chips, and for dessert, homemade ice cream.  The meal was very good.  Having our kids and grandkids around is even better.  

Consider this for your family or friends.  It’s easier than most meals without a lot of side dishes to make or clean up involved.  Pork is inexpensive and leftovers can be frozen.  It’s a great patio meal and everyone likes pulled pork.  Your guests will find it intriguing that you cooked the meat in root beer.

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