Banana Split Brownies

Make it a banana split with sliced bananas, ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, and a syrup.

We recommend French Vanilla Whipped Cream. French vanilla is the “birthday cake” flavor that we know. Strawberry whipped cream is another nice choice.

Here’s what you’ll need:


You can make this with or without the cream cheese. The cream cheese will help stabilize the whipped cream so that it does not melt as quickly.

  1. Place the sugar and cream cheese in the bowl of your stand-type mixer. Beat until the sugar is creamed through the cream cheese into a soft, consistent mixture.
  2. Add the cream, color, and flavor. Beat until soft peaks form.

Notes: Whipped cream will melt as it sits, especially if not refrigerated. A tablespoon ofmeringue powderper cup of whipping cream will help it hold up. Whipped cream can be whipped again to revive it.

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