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My  daughter, Debbie, came downstairs to the store and slipped an Everywhere Timer around my neck. She said, “Here, Dad, wear this. We sell them.” It was the second or third batch of cookies I had burned that day. The timer ended that. Now, I slip a timer around my neck when I close the oven door. When I’m through baking, I slap the timer with its magnetic back on the refrigerator door where it’s ready to go again.

But look what else you can do with the timer!

    1. Cat naps. This sounds silly, but I have an Everywhere Timer on my night stand. When I get a chance for a 15-minute nap, I set the timer and take it.
    2. The Laundry Helper. I stick a load of laundry in the washing machine and forget about it — for up to two days. It’s better to set the timer and head to the laundry room when it goes off.
    3.  The Sales Terminator. Sales people wander into the store. Most of the time, they get intercepted, but, if they ask for me by name, I may get summoned. I slip an Everywhere Timer around my neck and set it for six or eight minutes. When I introduce myself, I point to the timer and say, “I’ve got to be back upstairs in 6 1/2 minutes.” He or she gets right to the point and I can stay longer if I’m intrigued. Efficient.
    4. The Gardener. If the weather is nice, I’m torn between the kitchen and the yard. If I slip a timer on, I know when to head back to the kitchen. If not, I just burnt the cookies again.
    5. The “I See” Terminator. My sweet granddaughters play the “I see” game. We take turns. “I see a horse” or “I see a yellow car.” There is no end to this game, and it can go on for 2,000 miles. But when you set the timer, the game doesn’t last as long. Whoever’s turn it is when it goes off is the loser. Game over — maybe.
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