Designer Soda Floats

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Make the best drinks of the summer.

Fill a tall glass with ice cream, add little soda pop, then drizzle a dessert syrup on top.

Make the best drinks of the summer with ice cream, your favorite sodas, and designer ice cream and dessert sauces. Add chocolate syrup to a root beer float and create the best root beer float of the summer. Easy. Try raspberry syrup with black raspberry pop and vanilla ice cream. Fabulous![spacer height=”20px”]

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1,000 flavors! 3 easy steps!             

1.  Pile some ice cream into a tall chilled glass.Shop Now
2.  Fill the glass with soda pop.
3.  Drizzle syrup over the ice cream.

Some of our favorite combos:

•  Chocolate Root Beer Float: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup & root beer.
•  Chocolate Raspberry Ice: Chocolate ice cream, raspberry syrup & black raspberry soda pop.
•  California Dream: Vanilla ice cream, white chocolate syrup & orange soda pop.

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