How to Turn Brownies into Brownie Pops in 15 minutes

DennisThumbnailYou can turn a batch of brownies into a batch of brownie pops super easy.

Kids of every age light up when they see them.  They are perfect for a party but they will make any occasion special.

Brownie pops are brownies on a stick dipped in chocolate and then decorated.  And you can make a batch in 15 minutes.  Just follow these directions.


What You’ll Need


A brownie mix to make moist brownies.







Craft sticks






Melting chocolate






White chocolate for melting (optional)










Grab a moist brownie mix and make some brownie pops.

How to Make Your Brownie Pops:

Brownie Pop Tutorial1Brownie Pop Tutorial2

Step one: Make the Brownies.

Moist, fudgy brownies work best. Make the brownies according to the recipe or package directions. Bake them on parchment paper so you can remove them from the pan completely.

Let them cool to where they are easy to handle.

With a damp knife, cut off the crusts and cut into small bars.

Brownie Pop Tutorial3Brownie Pop Tutorial6

Step two: Mold the brownies into balls.

If your brownies are moist and fudgy, they will cling together easily. Grease your hands to keep them from getting too sticky.

Try to roll the top of each brownie into the center of your ball else the dry edges will make it hard to make your ball nice and round.

Brownie Pop Tutorial8

Step three: Insert craft sticks into each ball.
Push the sticks almost all the way through the brownie balls so that you don’t lose a brownie ball while dipping. Let them cool completely before you start dipping them in chocolate.

Brownie Pop Tutorial9

Step four: Dip the brownies in melted dark chocolate wafers.

To melt the chocolate wafers, microwave the chocolate in 15 second intervals stirring after each heating until they are
smooth. Use just enough heat to melt the chocolate. If you cook the chocolate it will not coat and set properly.

Dip the brownie pops into the melted dark chocolate completely covering each brownie. Mugs work very well for these. They are the perfect size and the thick mug holds the heat so that the chocolate stays warm and liquid for a while.

Let the chocolate set before you dip the pops in white chocolate else the chocolate will no longer look shiny but dull.

What are wafers?
Wafers are made for candy.  They are smoother, have a finer grind, and usually have more cocoa butter.  They feel better in your mouth and taste better.
Chocolate intended for baking does not need to be as fine since it is surrounded by ground wheat—flour—which grainy by nature.
Always use wafers for coating.  
Save on chocolate and white chocolate wafers here. 

Brownie Pop Tutorial10

Step five: Dip the brownies in melted white chocolate. (optional)
Only dip the pops 80% of the way into the white chocolate. It looks nice to see the dark chocolate layer peeking out. Let the white chocolate set up a little bit before dipping them in sprinkles. If the chocolate is too soft, the sprinkles will drip off your pops.

Note: Do not use white chocolate chips. Most white chocolate chips will not melt properly and are not suitable for coating.

Brownie Pop Tutorial11
Step six: Roll the brownies in PPJimmies or other sprinkles.

Stage your sprinkles in standard paper muffin liners. Dip them half way up the pops so you can still see the white chocolate layer. Roll them in the jimmies if you have to.

Let them cool and tie a ribbon on each stick. If you are not going to be serving them right away wrap each one individually in plastic wrap and then tie with the ribbons.

Grab a moist brownie mix and make some brownie pops.

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