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Suprise Cupcakes (17 of 51)

The 4th of July is filled with memories for most people. For me, the memories that flash through my mind include the time when I accidentally shot a bottle rocket at my high school boyfriend (don’t worry, he was fine), when I went out on my good friend’s boat to the middle of Lake Washington to watch fireworks, and when I rode my bike with my cousins at our annual family 4th party.

The 4th is coming and it’s time to make new memories with these fun and delicious red, white and blue treats. It’s gotten me in a patriotic mood, and we hope it does the same for you!

If you use patriotic colors these cupcakes are fantastic for the 4th of July, but they are also great for other events as well. I had a friend who used this as a “gender reveal” for her unborn baby. She placed pink-colored sprinkles inside the cupcakes to announce that she was having a girl.

1 Prepared Pantry Vanilla Babycakes mix, made according to mix directionsSuprise Cupcakes (25 of 51)

red or blue cupcake liners

sprinkles or sixlets

Prepared Pantry Vanilla Buttercream Frosting mix (recipe below)

red or blue food color (optional)

1. Make the cupcake batter according to the directions on the package and pour the batter into a muffin tin that is lined with the cupcake liners. Bake in the oven at the temperature and for the amount of time that is indicated on the directions.

2. When the cupcakes are done make sure they are completely cooled before inserting anything into the center. To insert the “surprise,” they cannot be holding in any heat in the center.

3. Using a professional cupcake corer or a melon baller, scoop out the middle of the cupcake, making sure not to go all the way to the bottom. Discard the cake from the middle, the “core.”

4. Fill the hole you just created with patriotic sprinkles or red, white and blue sixlets.

5. Using a piping bag and desired tip, pipe red white or blue frosting onto each cupcake.

Baker’s Note: If you choose to use sixlet candies, you may want to warn guests that there is something inside before they bite into them. That especially goes for small children who could choke. Feel free to play with other candies in the center of the cupcakes like Pop Rocks, chocolate chips, or other yummy goodies.

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