A cheesecake bar is an excellent way to feed a crowd something special without a lot of work.  They are easy to mix up.  You can usually double the recipe and still mix them in your stand-type mixer.  You can bake two at a time in your oven.  Each large cheesecake should make 12 servings.

  • You can make toppings out of any fruit.  The strawberry topping is likely to go quickest so make twice as much.  Raspberry will be the next most popular.
  • People really like cherry pie filling on a cheesecake.  Buy a couple cans.
  • Buy spray cans of whipped cream.  Set them on the table and let people spray their own.
  • Add a couple small bowls of chopped nuts.
  • Make a gluten free cheesecake for those who can’t eat wheat.
  • Keep the cheesecakes and toppings in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve—both for food safety purposes and because a well-chilled cheesecake tastes better.
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