French fries are easy to make at home and they taste better than most of those from the restaurants. We like to make them outside on the deck—away from the heat and any odor. Here’s how:

1. Pick good quality russet potatoes. Wash them and cut out any bad spots.

2. Cut them into 3/4-inch wide strips. You can do so with a knife; it’s a lot easier to do with a French fry maker.

3. Heat the oil to 350 to 375 degrees. You can do so, on the stovetop or with a thermostatically controlled deep fryer. If you are frying on the stovetop, use a deep pan, a candy thermometer, and watch your work. If your oil becomes too hot, it can burst into flames.

4. Cook a small amount of fries at a time. If you cook too many, the potatoes will drop the temperature of the oil too far. Oil that is not warm enough will make your fries soggy.

5. Cook the fries until they are a rich, golden color and begin to float.

6. Remove the fries to a paper towel to absorb grease. Sprinkle with salt and maybe your favorite seasoning. Serve immediately.

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