• Turkey Salad Sandwiches: We have always been partial to chicken salad sandwiches. This a Full-TurkeySaladSandsversion made with leftover turkey meat. The dried cranberries are a terrific addition–bright red sweet nuggets of flavor.
  • Open Face Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches: This is a hot sandwich topped with a cheese sauce. The surprise ingredient is some of your leftover chip dip spread on the bread as you would mayonnaise.
  • Turkey Supreme: This is a traditional turkey dish, turkey in a white sauce served over rice. We added slivered almonds and peas. This is easy-to-make comfort food.
  • Turkey White Bean Chili: This soup is so good, it’s worth cooking up another turkey. It’s hearty, spicy, and full of flavor–and easy to make with canned beans.
  • Turkey Enchiladas: When I was growing up, my mother made this dish often. She would freeze her leftover turkey and use it later for this dish that was always a favorite with the family.
  • Turkey Tacos: You can make traditional tacos with leftover turkey meat. This is an excellent recipe for the dark meat from the turkey.
  • Turkey Club Salad: This beautiful salad is simple to prepare. It is made with leftover turkey, bacon bits, tomato and lettuce–just like a club sandwich.
  • Turkey and Broccoli Quiche: This is a favorite around our test kitchen and a great recipe and dish to serve to guests.
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