This makes an interesting, very tasty pie crust.  It’s mixed in minutes.  We like this crust with a pumpkin pie.

Because of the nuts in the crust, be sure and use a pie crust shield for the entire baking time to protect the nuts from the heat of the oven.

1 1/3 cups just-add-water professional pie crust mix
2/3 cup finely chopped walnuts (pieces should be no larger than 1/8 inch)
1/4 cup cold water

Use your stand-type mixer with a paddle attachment.  Mix the pie crust mix, walnuts, and water together.  Beat with the paddle, scraping down the sides if necessary, only until smooth.  Do not over beat.  Use as other pie crust dough.

The nuts in this crust make the dough a little fragile and may tear the dough in places while you are forming the crust.  Use your fingers and maybe scraps of dough to repair any tears.  In spite of the nuts, we did not have any trouble forming crusts.

Yield:  Enough pie crust for a single crust pie.

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