It’s easy to mini cream pies in mini pie pans.  For pans, you will need a set of four mini pie pans.  These typically hold about one-fourth of nine inch pie pan so choose a recipe designed for a nine-inch pie, not a deep dish pie.  You will also need pie pastry, either refrigerated or homemade.

  1. If you are making a mini cream pie that does not call for a top crust, you will need enough pastry for two single crust pies.  Roll out and line your pie pans with unbaked pastry.
  2. Most cream pies are not baked but the crusts are.  Bake them just as you would for a larger pie using pie chain weights or beans to keep them from forming bubbles.
  3. Make the filling per the recipe.  Divide the filling between the four mini pie pans.
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