Even if You’re a Non-Baker!

Don’t let pies intimidate you!  With these easy tips, you’ll make great pies every time.

Tip 1: Use a pie crust mix. I figured a pie crust mix would be okay for those who are not comfortable making crusts but would offer little for experienced pie makers. I was wrong. I can’t make a better crust. In fact, it consistently makes a better pie than many of my carefully crafted crusts. And it saves a bunch of time. It makes a nice, flaky, soft crust with hardly any work–just add water and mix. Give it a try.

Tip 2: Use the right pan. If you are making a fruit pie, you must use a dark heavy metal pan.  Dark metal pans absorb heat to cook your crust to crisp and avoid “soggy bottoms.”  If you are making a crumb crust, use a silver pan to reflect the heat away from your tender graham or other crumbs.

Tip 3: Use a premade filling. Yes, nothing beats fresh but when you’re in a hurry, you can make a very good pie with a premade filling.

Tip 4: Consider a streusel topping.  It’s easier and faster than a pastry topping—just mix, sprinkle, and bake.

Tip 5: Bake your crust completely but don’t burn it.   It takes a little patience to cook that bottom crust thoroughly and avoid the soggy bottoms.  In the meantime, the top rim burns.  But that’s easy to solve—just use a pie crust shield.

There you have it.  Easy components.  You do the assembly and stick it in the oven.  You’ll have great pies every time.

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