You can take your favorite muffin recipe and change or add fruit, nuts, or chips to make it a whole new muffin experience. It’s simple.

  1. Most recipes for 12 large muffins call for 3/4 to one cup of nuts, chips, or fruit if used. Your total of these inclusions should probably be less than two cups. Use these guidelines as starting points.
  2. Be willing to enhance the flavor. If you are adding apples, consider adding two teaspoons of apple flavor. If you are adding blueberries, consider adding blueberry flavor. A wide array of flavors is available.
  3. Tartness improves many baked goods. Consider adding lemon or orange zest or lemon flavor. (We have a terrificlemon flavor—the best we’ve ever found.)
  4. Be mindful of moisture. Too much moisture will cause too much spread. Use paper towels to pat extra moisture from canned fruits such as pineapple.
  5. Be careful with sugar. You may be tempted to add sugar to sweeten your muffins. Be mindful that sugar turns to liquid in the oven and will increase spread.
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