Muffins can be difficult to get from the pan without falling apart.  If you use a table knife to pry them out, you scratch your pan.  If you use paper liners, the tops aren’t as high since the batter won’t rise up as it does in the slick surface of a metal pan.  But there are tricks to getting them out.

  • Use only the best quality nonstick pans.  All nonstick surfaces are not created equal.  And nonstick surfaces seem to deteriorate with age and use.  We were amazed with the difference when we went to our professional grade muffin pans.  If your pan is old and sticking, replace it.
  • Grease the pan well.  We use a Mr. Mister refillable spray canister but shortening will work.  Get it down in the corners.  If your pan doesn’t release well, dust it with flour.  Grease the top around the tins where the overflow might reach.
  • Use a thin silicone spatula to loosen any sticking muffins.  A thin silicone spatula is one of the most used tools in our test kitchen.  It won’t scratch the pans and it’s soft enough to reach around the corners in a muffin or bread pan.
  • Remove your muffins at the right time.  As the muffin cools, it becomes less fragile.  But as the sugars cool, they harden and “glue” the muffins to the pan.  Let the muffins sit for three to five minutes.  They won’t be quite so fragile but still warm enough that the sugars have not set.
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