For a picnic, for your next road trip, or for that family get-together, make bread the star. Sandwiches made on really good bread are truly memorable, far better than ordinary. They can transform a meal into a special occasion.

Here are some suggestions for making some extraordinary sandwiches for your next event:

• Our favorite picnic sandwiches are Italian sandwiches made on Onion and Herb Focaccia. Read on to learn how to make Italian Sandwiches. Save 10% on Onion and Herb Focaccia this week–$2.69 per mix.
• Several weeks ago, we showed you how to make pita bread. Pita bread sandwiches are great for picnics and events. They’re fun, they taste fantastic, they show off your skills, they travel well, and they are less messy than most and great kid fare. Revisit how to make pita bread.
• We recall a family reunion where we made Kaiser Rolls for a sandwich bar. It was better than the deli. Folks were impressed with the bread and of course, homemade is better. And everyone got to make the sandwiches they wanted, even the kids. Read on to learn how to make Kaiser Rolls.
• Of course any homemade sandwich rolls are better. Elsewhere in this issue we tell you how to make hamburger buns. You can use the same rolls for sandwiches or make them into long loaves for submarine-type sandwiches. The same technique will work except that you will want to shape the bread into long, thin loaves. Use an egg white wash and sprinkle the loaves with sesame seeds just before baking.

You can use your bread machine to make the rolls. Pick a mix and set the machine on the dough setting. Read on to learn more about making rolls with your bread machine.

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