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This is a simple French toast but with a crust of melted cinnamon vanilla sugar.

We’ve fallen in love with cinnamon vanilla sugar—we like the addition of vanilla to the cinnamon sugar.  We’ve learned to use it in our recipes.  We use a 50/50 mixture of cinnamon vanilla sugar and sugar and just substitute the mixture for the sugar in the recipe.  We also top cookies and muffins with cinnamon vanilla sugar before popping them in the oven.


2 large eggs
2 tablespoons milk or cream
1 pinch salt
3-4 slices bread
Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar


  1. Whisk two eggs and the milk or cream together along with the salt.
  2. Dip the bread, one slice at a time, in egg mixture coating both sides.  Place the dipped bread in a medium hot skillet that has been lightly buttered.
  3. Immediately sprinkle the cinnamon vanilla sugar mixture over the bread.  We put a nice heavy coating of sugar on the bread but you can add whatever you desire.
  4. Cook the bread for about three minutes or until it starts to brown on the bottom.
  5. Turn the bread over and cook the coated side for about two minutes or until done.  Remove the bread to a platter and serve hot.


  • Set the temperature for the pan a little lower than what you would for most French toast.  The sugar in the mixture will caramelize quickly against the hot pan.  A slightly lower heat will help assure against burning.

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