What in the world is aranygaluska?  Well, we don’t pretend to be aranygaluska experts but it’s a coffeecake-type bread made in Hungary.  When we stumbled across a description of it on the internet, we thought, “Ah, that’s a lot like our monkey bread.”  So we experimented.  The result, we think, is authentic and if it is not, someone out there can correct us. 

You can build an aranygaluska from any rich bread dough but we did it the easy way with a Cinnamon Monkey Bread Mix.  It’s basically a monkey bread with nuts though it’s made with balls of dough instead of cuts of dough. 

If you want to make your aranygaluska with a mix, you can do so and save 10% now.

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But here are the directions:

1. Mix according to package instructions.
2. After the dough has risen, mix the cinnamon mixture into the melted butter.  Add one cup finely chopped nuts.
3. Form round dough about the size of walnuts.  Roll the dough balls through the cinnamon-butter mixture.
4. Layer the balls in a pan of your choice.  A bundt pan or tube pan works well.  (If you use a tube pan, set a baking sheet on the rack under the pan to catch any drippings.)
5. Bake for 40 minutes or until the bread becomes brown and stiff.  (Cover with aluminum foil if the bread is browning too rapidly.)  Invert the bread on a large plate and let cool. 

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