Packing CookiesLoved ones away from home always appreciate cookies.  It tells them that you care.  You invested time and effort, not just money.  It reminds them of home baking from days gone by.

Choose sturdy cookies to ship.  Wrap cookies loosely and individually in plastic.   Package them in small containers.  If you want to ship a lot of cookies, use several smaller containers and place them in a bigger box.  Cushion the smaller boxes in packing “peanuts” or crushed newspaper.

If you frost cookies, make the frosting firm so that it won’t smear.  The addition of meringue powder will make you frosting set up nice and hard.

Fresher cookies are better cookies.  Make sure that the cookies are wrapped well enough that they won’t dry out and get them to the shipper right away.   For overseas and long distances, consider drier cookies that don’t stale as quickly.  And remember, the closer to Christmas that you ship, the more likely that the shipper will be backlogged and delivery will take longer.

Many shipping services offer remarkably quick deliveries.  We use ground shipments for most of our shipments and they deliver within two days to addresses several states away.  USPS flat rate boxes will accommodate a lot of cookies,  cost only $8.95 to ship, and will get to most US destinations in three days or less.   These flat rate boxes are the way to ship to loved ones in the military but will usually take seven to ten days to reach them.

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