Cinnamon graham crackersWhen I was a child, my mother used to spread fudgy chocolate frosting between two graham cracker squares.  It was my first experience with graham cracker sandwich cookies and I loved them.  I still do.

When our kids were young and we headed out on a trip, Merri Ann often grabbed a box of graham crackers and a tub of frosting—no need to make the sandwiches ahead of time.   Now Debbie, our daughter, is grown and she does the same thing with her kids though she grabs a tub of cream cheese frosting instead of fudge.

But you don’t have to use frosting.  A tub of spreadable strawberry cream cheese, the kind you often spread on bagels, makes for fine graham cracker sandwiches.  But so does marshmallow cream.  And if you like, you can make your own marshmallow cream.  In fact, you can make your own graham crackers.

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