“Monkey Bread is absolutely the most scrumptious concoction I have ever tasted,” –Alice in CA.

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Silicone Bundt Pan
For a sure release every time

Caramel Nut Monkey Bread
Inspired by Philly Sticky Buns

Premium Korintje Cassia Cinnamon
For the best monkey bread

Choosing the Right Pan for Monkey Bread

Bundt PanSince you invert your monkey bread to remove it from the pan, a nonstick pan or a silicone pan is preferable.  A bundt pan is the classic pan for monkey bread; it makes for a very attractive monkey bread.

On our site, we sell several very good bundt cake pans including a silicone pan and a rose
patterned pan.  If I had to choose one pan for monkey bread, it would probably be the silicone bundt pan.  It has the surest release.  Even if the phone rings and we forget to get the monkey bread out of the pan before it sets up, we can always peel a flexible bundt pan off.

For individual servings, choose a jumbo muffin pan with nonstick surface.  And yes, we do carry that also.  For Valentines Day, consider a heart-shaped pan.

You can make your monkey bread in a loaf pan.  Most recipes and our mixes are two large for a standard bread loaf pan.  Two medium or small loaf pans might work.  If you want one big loaf, consider our angel food cake loaf pan.  It’s about the right size though not nonstick.

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