McDonalds McGriddle SandwichThe inspiration for this recipe is the McDonalds® McGriddle® sandwiches. These are very good and your kids will think that you ordered out.

Of course, you can buy English muffins but homemade are better.  They are easy to make—you cook them on griddle like pancakes—especially with a mix.  See our English muffin mixes.

Step 1
Make and fry the sausage patties. We used our Burger Buddy Hamburger Press to make the sausage patties and they were perfectly sized. Of course, you can use bacon if you prefer.

Step 2
Fry the eggs. You need nice, round egg disks. Use our nonstick egg and pancake rings or cut the ends out of a can.

Step 3
Make cinnamon chip English muffins from scratch or with our new Cinnamon Chip English Muffin Mix.

Step 4
Assemble your sandwiches. Add a slice of cheese if you prefer. You can cut the cheese in circles with your English muffin rings.

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