Strawberry shortcakes have four components:

  • The cake
  • The berries
  • The sweetener
  • The topping

While you can make shortcake with raspberries, peaches and mangoes, you can keep the strawberries and vary only the cake, the sweetener, and the topping to make an impressive array of strawberry desserts.

The Cake

Shortcakes are biscuit-like.  In a strawberry shortcake, we appreciate the crispness of the shortcake against the smoothness of the whipped cream.  Use a traditional shortcake recipe and add cinnamon chips or white chocolate chips.  Make a chocolate shortcake . . . or add cinnamon can dark chocolate chips to make a Mayan chocolate shortcake.

Often strawberries are severed over angel food cake.  But have you considered a chocolate or cinnamon angel food cake?  Here are some other choices:

A simple white cake is often used for a strawberry shortcake.  If that is your desire, here is a recipe:

We love fruit on gingerbread, either light or dark gingerbread.  The gingerbread carries its share of flavor; you are not relying on the strawberries alone for flavor.

Actually, we like any flavorful cake with strawberries but without the frosting.  Try these:

A flourless chocolate cake with strawberries and whipped cream is terrific.

And that takes us to brownies.  Strawberries and whipped cream on brownies is superb.

That takes us to 27 different choices for the cake.  Obviously, there are many more.

The Sweeteners

The strawberries are usually macerated in sugar and a maybe a little lemon juice both to sweeten them and to create a syrup.  Why not drizzle your shortcake with a syrup instead?  Any cream or sugar syrup will do but our Lawford’s Private Reserve syrups are fantastic with strawberries.  We recommend these three:

The Topping

Certainly, you can put sweetened whipped cream over your strawberries.  But consider ice cream instead of whipped cream.  You can also use crème Chantilly, chocolate whipped cream, and more.

The Possibilities

If you do the math, that’s well over a thousand possibilities with the choices that we have introduced.  We’re sure you can create more.

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