We add mashed potatoes to rolls and bread regularly.  It makes the bread soft and moist.  Potatoes are hygroscopic, that is they draw moisture from the air and bread stays fresh and moist longer.

Biscuits are best fresh from the oven and day old biscuits are not very good.  With mashed potatoes in the recipe, we expected them to stay better longer.  But mashed potatoes are heavy and might weigh down the fluffy biscuits that we like.

Biscuits can be made two ways—drop and rolled out and cut.  Both use the muffin method.  Because the dough for drop biscuits is wetter and softer, they tend to rise more than cut biscuits.

We intended to make drop biscuits to help offset the potatoes.   With the first trial, the dough was too stiff for drop biscuits.  We thoroughly dusted the counter with flour, patted the dough out, and cut the biscuits with a biscuit and donut cutter.   With slightly wetter than normal dough, the biscuits rose perfectly.

We found that we could add up to a cup of mashed potatoes and still make fluffy biscuits.  The secret was keeping the dough moist and soft.  A drier, firm dough didn’t rise nearly as well.

We arrived at three different recipes, each well-tested in our test kitchen and handed out to employees and visitors to our store.  We think you’ll like these recipes.

Because the dough is wetter than for most cut biscuits, it tends to stick to the cutter.  We used a biscuit and donut cutter so that we could push the cut dough from cutter using the hole in the top of the cutter.  A can with both ends cut out will work also.



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