Chutney BurgerWhen Debbie Frantzen, our webmaster extraordinaire, tried our chutney her comment was, “Barbecue sauce without the spices.” Actually, that was sweet chutney. Sweet chutneys are mild and may remind you of a relish like pickle or cranberry relish while hot chutneys range from spicy to just plain hot.

Chutneys are fruit-based. Mango chutney is very popular but they can be made with almost any fruit.

Chutneys are a condiment, a wonderful accompaniment to meat dishes. They can also be mixed with sour cream or cream cheese to make a cracker spread or fruit dip.

You can find chutney in some grocery stores. We carry three chutneys, plum chutney, sweet mango chutney, and hot mango chutney. Or you can make your own.

With all the possibilities, chutneys open a whole new world of burgers. Spread chutney on a burger just as you would barbecue sauce or a pickle relish. Mango chutney is a natural complement to burgers but don’t overlook other chutneys.

Chutney Recipes:

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