AebleskiverDanish puff pastries/pancakesare amazing. There are hundreds of incredible aebleskiver that you can makechocolate aebleskiver, savory aebleskiver, and wonderful recipes like caramel pear aebleskiver with caramel whipped cream. And they’re easy.

If you can make pancakes, you can make aebleskiver.

Traditionally, aebleskiver were filled with jam . Then we discovered that we could put chunks of chocolate in each or cubes of cheese in our savory aebleskiver. We discovered that we could use an injector for whipped cream or marshmallow cream. We learned that we could fill aebleskiver with pastry fillings with just a poke and a squeeze that same as we fill cupcakes. We were pretty smug.

Then we found an aebleskiver cookbook. Wow! We discovered a new worldlike double blackberry, strawberry shortcake, and salted caramel aebleskiver We recommend this cookbook.

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