Sometimes simpler is better.  Fresh fruit is so good that you don’t want to overwhelm it with other ingredients or too many flavors. Two or three fruits are often just right especially if you choose fruits of different colors or textures.  Prep the fruit, toss them in a bowl with a little lemon juice, and then add a bit of sweetener.  (The lemon juice helps keep many fruits from turning dark.) 

Here are our favorites:

Cinnamon sugar.  Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of sugar.  Sprinkle it over the fruit.  If the fruit includes peaches or nectarines, consider just a touch of nutmeg.

Cinnamon vanilla sugar.  We sell a cinnamon vanilla sugar blend that works perfectly.  You can also toss your fruit with a teaspoon of vanilla extract or run flavoring and add cinnamon sugar.

Mint sugar.  Mix about one tablespoon fresh mint with about 1/4-cup granulated sugar your food processor and pulse until the mint leaves are finely chopped to make a mint-flavored sugar.

Honey.  Nothing is simpler than sweetening your fruit with just a touch of honey.

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