We decided to make huckleberry fruit flavored ice cubes with soda pop, flavor, and color.  For each can of lemon-lime pop—one can makes a tray of ice cubes—we added a teaspoon of flavor.  (We wanted plenty of flavor in our ice cubes.)  So far, so good.

Then, we set out to make huckleberry lemonade.  The lemonade was easy; we added a teaspoon of huckleberry flavor to each quart of lemonade.  It tasted great but looked plain.

Then we added Americolor Electric Purple food color gel.  We love food color gels; they are much more concentrated than liquids.  But they are semi-solids, gels, and don’t dissolve in water as well liquids.  In this case some of the solids remained suspended in the soda and we couldn’t get the color we wanted.

So, we made blueberry lemonade with blueberry ice cubes.  We made ice cubes from blueberry syrup and used them in lemonade with one part syrup with two parts soda pop before freezing the ice cubes.  (Other syrup choices include boysenberry, cherry, raspberry, peach, and strawberry.)

You can also puree fruits and freeze them into ice cubes. Use the ice cubes in lemonade or other drinks. Peaches, raspberries, and cherries work well. Strain the fruit puree before freezing to make it smooth.

So, you can make fruit flavored ice cubes with flavoring, pancake syrup, or fruit puree.  If you like, you can drop a berry or little puree in each ice cube space.

Summer Beverage Ideas

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