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Guests are coming by this weekend and you would like an easy but elegant dessert that doesn’t require baking. Crêpes are your answer.

“I didn’t know crêpes were that easy,” is a typical response when we introduce someone to making them.

If you can make pancakes, you can make crêpes. You make them on the stovetop. You can even make them in advance and store them in your refrigerator. When your guests arrive, just fill them with your favorite filling, dust them with some powdered sugar and you’re ready to go. And your filling can be anything you desire from pudding to fruit or a pie filling.

In this issue, we’ll tell you how to make crêpes.You’ll also find the tools you need to make them easier. Plus, you’ll find our new Italian Cheese and Herb Bread at 25% off.

Enjoy your crêpes.

Dennis and Merri Ann Weaver

Get the tools you need for great crêpes.

Better tools make better crêpes. You’ll want a good crêpe pan, a thin spatula, and a scoop or ladle to measure your batter with. You’ll like this crêpe maker’s kit with a nice, sturdy crêpe pan with a nonstick finish, a thin nylon spatula that won’t scratch your pan, and a handy little ladle that you can keep right on the stovetop and ladle the same amount each time.

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How to Make Crêpes

Crêpes are made in a small, flat frying pan. The batter is egg rich with no leavening. In a hot pan, they cook in moments.

Here’s how to make crêpes >>

A Choice of Folds

You don’t have to fold your crêpes. You can stack them in layers with filling between like a torte. Our recipe, Fresh Berry Torte is made that way.

But if you do fold them, you can fold them in fourths, you can fold them into a tube, or you can fold them like an envelope. It’s your choice.

Our Strawberry Blintz Recipe is folded envelope fashion. (Pictures accompany the recipe telling you how to make the folds.)

You still don’t have a muffin top pan!!

Let’s make it easy: Take 20% off the pan, get a free gourmet cream syrup, and get a $2.00 off coupon when you buy a muffin mix. That’s a $23.44 value for only $12.79—almost a 50% savings.

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Storing Crêpes

Crêpes can be stored for about five days in the refrigerator. Once cooled, stack them between layers of parchment paper or waxed paper.

Crêpes can also be frozen. Simply stack them between a plate with wax paper or parchment paper between each. Place the plate with the crêpes in a plastic bag and put the bag in the freezer. Use within three months.

Big Red, the Spatula

The Omelet and Crêpe Pan

Muffin Top Pan

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Check out our new Italian Cheese and Herb Bread. It has a touch of basil, garlic, and Italian spices along with a nice Romano cheese flavor. This bread is terrific for sandwiches or an accompaniment to your favorite pasta dish.

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Troubleshooting Crêpes

In our experience, people quickly master the art of making crêpes. But if they have trouble, it is in one of three areas: not getting the pan hot enough, putting two much batter in the pan, or turning the crêpe.

Read on for Troubleshooting Crêpes >>

Favorite Crêpe Dessert Recipes

Only your imagination limits the crêpes that you can make. If you are in a hurry, a simple canned pie filling or pudding will do. I recently visited a pancake house that served wonderful crêpes made with lemon curd and with lingonberry. Both were very good. Our new Lawford Reserve Cream Syrups are terrific with crêpes.

Dennis Weaver

Consider these favorite recipes:

You can also make chocolate crêpes. Chocolate crêpes open a new world of interesting dessert possibilities.

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